Which is the Best Online Language Translator?

Which is the Best Online Language Translator?

Language translation used to be a task only reserved by people – now, thanks to technology, we all have the power of language translation in the palm of our hands (or desk). There are many language translation websites to choose from, but which is the best one to use?

The top online language translators include:

  • World-Reference
  • Google Translator
  • Translate
  • Bing Translator

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of some of the top online language translators to see which best suits your needs.

World Reference

World Reference is one of the simplest and fastest online translation tools available. The platform utilizes an automatic language detection system and allows you to translate into many of the top languages. The simplified site is one of the most user-friendly for everyone to use.

World Reference reduces the number of steps required to get your translation. It automatically detects your input language, so all you need to do is type the text, select the translated language, and hit ‘translate.’ Within seconds you’ll receive an accurate translation.

The site is a growing platform for language translation, so it does not have as much brand recognition as some of the other more popular sites, but it’s just a powerful!

Google Translator

Google Translator is the most popular online language translation site. Thanks to Google’s scale, it’s always the top result for most people when browsing online for a language translator.

Google Translator provides translation into all of the top languages, with options to auto-detect your input language or set it manually. The good thing about the manual setting is in the case of languages with similar words; the auto-detect might not set to the correct language.

One of the best features of Google Translator is the ability to upload documents or input a website link. Google will translate a range of document types and will present the input website into the translated language – while maintaining the original website appearance.


Translate.com is a site dedicated to website translation – the website provides free online translation, while also providing some paid options for users.

The site provides translation for more than 90 languages, with capabilities of auto-detecting your language input. The free version of the website only allows text up to a 200-word limit.

The paid solutions on Translate.com set it apart from other sites because it allows for more control over your translations. It offers a human translator option to get the most accurate result and solutions for businesses needing to translate their website or marketing communications.

Bing Translator

Bing Translator is Microsoft’s version of the Google Translator – Bing is a top search provider, and the translate service complements the user activity.

Bing Translator is nearly identical in functionality to the Google Translator, allowing text or URL inputs and auto-detecting the language.

One of the unique positions that Bing Translator has is supplementary translate solutions tailored to different types of users. The site makes it easy to access its mobile translator app, business solution, and even a special conversation software for live communication with people across language barriers.

Many of Bing Translator’s features allow for interaction with other people through Microsoft’s programs.

Online language translators have evolved extensively to provide authentic translations in a variety of languages. You can trust many of these sites to give you quick, reliable translations for all of your text.

Let us know in the comments which is your favorite online language translator to use and try out one of the other options to find the best for you.

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