Top Industries for Translation Services

Top Industries for Translation Services

Translation services are widely used across a variety of industries. You’d be surprised at how much some industries rely on being about translate languages.

Let’s take a look at some of the top industries that use translation services, including:

  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Medical
  • Legal & Politics
  • Real Estate
  • News & Media
  • Web Development
  • Marketing & Communications

Tourism & Hospitality

The tourism and hospitality industries are one of the most obvious choices where there’s always a demand for translation services.

These industries thrive on people moving between borders, often crossing into foreign countries with a different language.

If you work in the sectors, expect to use translation services when communicating with clients, interacting with local tourism companies, or understanding foreign policies for travel.


Understanding medical terminology is difficult enough. But try translating the terms into a different language – it might seem like a near-impossible task.

The medical industry often uses translation services when operating in global medicine.

Many hospitals have international recognition and receive patients from around the world for specialized treatment. Other doctors may collaborate on medical operations and research.

Translation services help to make communication more effective across language barriers.

Legal & Politics

Nearly every aspect of globalization has legal implications involved with it. Whether doing business with a foreign country or traveling, there are specific laws and guidelines to follow for best practices.

Translation services are in high demand for the legal field when working with clients or understanding foreign policies.

In most cases, effective translation can be the difference between a successful or failed opportunity.

Real Estate

The wealthy no longer look to invest locally in their own countries but now finding more lucrative opportunities abroad.

Foreign investment is continuously in a state of rapid growth, and when dealing with agents or construction companies, you might run into issues with a language barrier.

Many people in the real estate industry rely on translation services to communicate with potential foreign buyers or community project details to a foreign construction company.

News & Media

Now that we live in a global world, we are much more connected through news and media.

Whether you have a global audience as an influencer, organizing a worldwide release for a blockbuster film, or publishing an article for an international publication, it’s important to take advantage of translation services.

With proper translation, you can get your message out globally to increase your reach.

Web Development

Almost every successful company you can think of has a website – one thing that successful multinational companies have in common is the ability to change the language on their sites.

Now, people from all over the world can find your website. Whether you have a site for entertainment purposes or e-commerce, you can cater your site to a broader audience by incorporating translating capabilities.

Marketing & Communications

Translating one language to another is all about understanding and better communication. The marketing/communications industries are two of the most necessary places to have correct translations.

The goal of marketing is to communicate a message effectively – when you begin operating in the global marketplace, you must consider your message in the foreign regions.

Translation services are beneficial in making sure everyone understands your marketing message.

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