The beauty of language

All languages, all people, all cultures and country’s. The amount of different words and meanings is endless. With this Blog we like to write about funny and interesting facts concerning words, sayings etc

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Fun Words and Phrases That You Can’t Translate to English

English is one of the most extensive languages with over 600,00 words – but it still lacks proper translations for some interesting words and phrases in other languages. There are lots of terms in different languages that don’t have a direct translation in English. Whether looking at Spanish, French, or German, some words are just…

Our first post

Yes, our first post! Let’s try if we can write some words and post it on our blog. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus eros urna, iaculis eget iaculis et, efficitur in leo. Donec vel enim eu nibh pretium scelerisque. Pellentesque dapibus magna sit amet tortor egestas vestibulum. Sed tempor nunc nunc,…